Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Night

Darkness covers the place
Its time for you to remove your lace
All you want is to go to your bed
But life is like a burden to your head
You tried to distract buy socializing
None of them will still help you from thinking
The day was okay
Yet situation aren't under your way
Tomorrow's another struggle
Hoping it won't let you huddle
Any minute you'll sleep
Dreams will make you weep
You just want peace
Its not just as easy as a wish

Friday, 6 November 2015

My Dear Bestfriend

You, and your masked eye
Cuteness we can't deny
Fury and Spots
Those brown dots
We love you
And I know that 3 months
Enough for us to miss you
For the pain you endure
Now you are gone
Nothing could be done
I am just happy you are not hurting anymore
But sadness even kills me more
Time will heal this hurt
But we will never forget
Hope you could visit in my dream
Yogi, we love you just the same

Rest In Peace My Love, Yogi.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Its Been Five Years

At first I don't think that you are the one 
Two or Three you're gone
Friends don't want you
Things I never knew
One Year then I'm the longest
Well, it seems like full of happiness
Two years we were on the future
Us being mature
Three Years things are all serious
Life has been in curious
Four Years getting ready to be steady
But, the time has come to weary
Five years opposite views
Now we're in a different news


Originaly written by: Mara Erella Sison

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Wait wait, I just want to say Hi
For the people who had visited this profile
Maybe I'm not the best
But at least here you can't see my mess
Lifetime will be fine for me to express
Forever will give me time to impress
Just go on and look and explore
I'm referring to my posts before
Next time you'll see
Another post not for you but for me
Yes thank you
And please do
Visit again and see the meter
Number of visitors are getting higher
I appreciate and wait wait wait,
I'll need to sleep cause the clocks already ticked eight

xx Marae


It has been a year when I said hello
I am now back with a go
Maybe today I will write
Tomorrow my brain cells will fight
But at least for a while I had a post
For now, this is what I can do most


xx Marae

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cause tonight I over-think.

Sorry for this post. Saturday, so much happenings and so much decisions. After thinking and thinking  I ended up on posting something on my blog. Haha. Nevermind. This is for you, yes let's overthink!!!!!!!!

Yes, sometimes, but not all the time especially when you just over think about your crush. Haha. Just say NO to negative vibes when over thinking and everything will be better than it actually is.

Move. And make things happen. 

Me too. But what? You can help it! Pray and share your worries to Him dude and things will fall into their places. 

Come on! Let's cut it off and fill it with happy moments!


Photos from Google search.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Piedi Erranti

Hello dear readers! How's your summer? Actually summer haven't ended yet, our weather here in the Philippines is kinda going crazy; in the morning you'll feel Mr. Sun then it will rain and then there's the Mr. Sun again. Hahaha.

 Anyways, to all the girls out there I got something for you that's perfect for any weather and this, I know, you will never ignore!! For all the boys also, here's a perfect gift your girlfriends or girl-friends or friends that they will really really appreciate!!

Make your feet feel precious in 10 different ways or more.

They've got a lot of straps in different colors and patterns. It's like buying 10 pairs of sandals in a price of one pair!! Plus, I guarantee you the seller behind this will entertain you with courteousness and patience unlike any other online shops.

Here's to a closer look of the styles you can make ↓↓↓

Of course, you can do your DIY styles. :)

For more photos, inquiries and infos on how to order follow/contact Piedi Erranti on the following:

INSTAGRAM: @piedierranti
FACEBOOK: Piedi Erranti
MOBILE: 09276703207 or 09477801779

Note: Piedi Erranti is open for Resellers and Wholesales.

You can also visit their booth at BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON this coming July 12-13, 11AM to 9PM at Elements Tent, Eton Centris, Quezon Avenue, QC. Will see you all there!!!!

  Any day is a fabulous day for Shoe Shopping!