Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Strike a Pose!

Be more confident in expressing yourself in Photos! =))

* Think happy thoughts while your photo is being taken so you'll look happy and relaxed.

* Dont just try to look happy, but be happy so you won't end up faking a smile.

* Before a shoot, avoid eating food (especially candies) that can discolor your teeth.

* Have fun, act natural and be yourself.

Tips from the STARS!

Dont let anything or anyone define you.You are who you are because of what you make of tough situations in your life. - Demi Lovato

Tips from the STARS!

Really read [what you post] 20 times before you put it out because its never gone forever. It's safer to reread your stuff and know that you can stand by whatever statement you make. - Miley Cyrus

Sunday, 27 May 2012

5 All Star Beauty Tips

1. Drink a lot of water for healthy skin and hair.
2. Wash your face regularly it's better to prevent pimple than to cure them.
3. Stay active - dance, walk and play sports
4. Get enough sleep - it's hard to fake looking fresh and well-rested.
5. Have fun! A real smile or even a laugh that comes from within lights up your face in a way you can't buy in a bottle.

[Thanks to Total Girl Mag]

Kit Thompson in PBB

1. Cook (Wala na tuloy tagaluto)
2. Prangka (Maglolokohan nalang sila sa loob? Si Karen nalang totoo dun.)
3. Cutie (OM. Kilig me.)
4. Smiley (Ano yan? E basta. His smile.. *blushme* =))
5. Lover (Kitten && Kittle)

Till bignight pa sana siya sa loob e. Kung kelan bati na sila ni Karen. Tss.

Cant attach a photo of him! =\

Star Habits to Live by. [Total Girl]

1. Never sell yourself short
People will often see you as you see yourself, so believe in yourself, and others will too!
2. Don't listen to haters
Negative people will bring us down and drain our energy.
3. Never say never
Don't give up before even trying.

(4-10 Grab a copy of Total Girl PH)

Quote to be blog!

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,but when the darkness set in their true beauty is revealed, only if there is light from within. -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


Friday, 25 May 2012

Get Click Crazy! :]

Me as a Twitter user I get click CRAZY!
I love to Retweet posts from those I followed. Some of them are funny jokes but most of them are quotable quotes which I can relate to. Some people might me annoyed by what i'm doing but, as we all know, Twitter is done for that and I shouldn't be much affected of what they will say for I am enjoying those stuffs. :]

Me as a Facebook user I get click CRAZY!
Liking photos and posts are normal in Facebook wolrd but to me, I really choose what to be liked.

Me as a LookBook user I get click CRAZY!
I made this account just to for the 'HYPE' button.
I don't even have any post in it. But sooner or later I'll upload some.

You too, I know, YOU GET CLICK CRAZY!

Quote to be Blog!

"Go out your way to learn as much as possible keep your ego out of it." - Sterling Knight