Friday, 25 May 2012

Get Click Crazy! :]

Me as a Twitter user I get click CRAZY!
I love to Retweet posts from those I followed. Some of them are funny jokes but most of them are quotable quotes which I can relate to. Some people might me annoyed by what i'm doing but, as we all know, Twitter is done for that and I shouldn't be much affected of what they will say for I am enjoying those stuffs. :]

Me as a Facebook user I get click CRAZY!
Liking photos and posts are normal in Facebook wolrd but to me, I really choose what to be liked.

Me as a LookBook user I get click CRAZY!
I made this account just to for the 'HYPE' button.
I don't even have any post in it. But sooner or later I'll upload some.

You too, I know, YOU GET CLICK CRAZY!

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