Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ilocos Tour

I've been blogging about the "Places I've Been To As A Tourism Student". Now, this is my third (correct me if I'm wrong. Hahaha). So here it goes..


During my second year in college we had this what-so-called "Heritage Tour" in Ilocos. 
I can still clearly remember the tourist spots there especially the Pagudpud Beach and Paoay Church.
And of course, the hotel where we stayed because of the 'mumus/ghosts there. I will not mention the hotel for my security (Baka ma-cyber crime law pa ko :D).

12 hours of bus-ride. We came in the morning and have the 1st day tour without taking a bath. Yes, you've read it clearly.. Not even having proper tooth brushing. Hahaha. That's because we just have three days and that is a very limited time to visit all the tourist spotd. 

Oha. Jampacked Day 1.
Baluarte, Museums, Vigan.
Sorry for not putting captions, what you see is what you get. Hahaha. 

Moving on... Day 2. 

Pagudpud. Bangui Wind Mills. 

Day 3 :">

Can't find pictures for Day 3.
As far as I could still remember third day was the Paoay Church visit. 

And this... Social Night.

This was a crazy/fun/way back into love/12 hour bus tour. 

More blogs about my tours soon. Stay tuned!

Monday, 19 November 2012


Finding a job is really hard if you'll think it that way. But, maybe because I just applied as on-the-job trainee, I find it exciting and challenging. And here I am now, I am enjoying my last semester as a student in a big events company (for me, ang bobongga kasi ng mga events na hawak nila), STRAM Incorporated. Plus! I've got some new found friends! :)

This is what I really want to do since I was introduced in events management at school.
 And so here I am now, living-in-my-first-step to achieve a dream. 

 My table at the office :)

 Kathlia La Torre, my boss (hahaha, joke) New found friend with Ate Beng (picture below). :">

The Three Little Pigs - Kath, Mara and Ate Beng :)

Experience is really the best teacher.

And oh, after 8 days as trainee, I was asked by my boss to have a job there after my graduation.
Hopefully, things will not go wrong. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Clean and Green

Last November 12, 2012 as an practicumer I've been task to document the SM Eco Bag Launching.

And because it's SM, I expected a lot of honorable guest and so they have. My boss is one of the guest speakers for she is the chairman of Quezon City Tourism Council. As a tourism student, I look up to her a lot. Having a successful event company and being the chairman of QCTC is superb.

Lets go back to the event. While on our way to the venue, SM The Block, I was told some brief information on what the event is. SM have this designing-the-ecobag-contest for different universities all over the country and the winners will be from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and Metro Manila. The winners will receive P25, 000 and a new iPad each. The winning schools will also get P25,000 for the schools individual environment project. Proudly saying, the Metro Manila winner is from PUP. Woooo! When my boss told me about that, I my heart reacted OA maybe because I'm just proud.

Paul Jonel Pollicar designs from PUP. Metro Manila Grand Winner.

The event stage. There are magics behind those 4 post.

Hosted by: Ms. Maxene Magalona

Honorable guests and the four winners with their eco-bag designs. 

More of this.. SOOON. (Kapag nabigay na ni Mam sakin yung copies ng kuha ko. Yep! Yep!)