Monday, 19 November 2012


Finding a job is really hard if you'll think it that way. But, maybe because I just applied as on-the-job trainee, I find it exciting and challenging. And here I am now, I am enjoying my last semester as a student in a big events company (for me, ang bobongga kasi ng mga events na hawak nila), STRAM Incorporated. Plus! I've got some new found friends! :)

This is what I really want to do since I was introduced in events management at school.
 And so here I am now, living-in-my-first-step to achieve a dream. 

 My table at the office :)

 Kathlia La Torre, my boss (hahaha, joke) New found friend with Ate Beng (picture below). :">

The Three Little Pigs - Kath, Mara and Ate Beng :)

Experience is really the best teacher.

And oh, after 8 days as trainee, I was asked by my boss to have a job there after my graduation.
Hopefully, things will not go wrong. 

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