Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Wait wait, I just want to say Hi
For the people who had visited this profile
Maybe I'm not the best
But at least here you can't see my mess
Lifetime will be fine for me to express
Forever will give me time to impress
Just go on and look and explore
I'm referring to my posts before
Next time you'll see
Another post not for you but for me
Yes thank you
And please do
Visit again and see the meter
Number of visitors are getting higher
I appreciate and wait wait wait,
I'll need to sleep cause the clocks already ticked eight

xx Marae


It has been a year when I said hello
I am now back with a go
Maybe today I will write
Tomorrow my brain cells will fight
But at least for a while I had a post
For now, this is what I can do most


xx Marae