Saturday, 25 August 2012

I am such a FAN!

This past few weeks I've been addicted to reading, not that fiction and so english books/ e-books, but those that can be seen online and in Filipino/Tagalog (Till now I still don't know the difference between dialect and language. Hahaha.) I discover about it because some of my batchmates, Cherry Cepe & Arianne Lolong, posted something about it on twitter that made me wonder whats the story is about. Then Cherry, send the ebook to me via mail. Then and there it started, addiction to the max. The story was done in comedy/romantic way. I admire the author a lot for having that different kind of imagination. I wondered where she got the inspiration to do that kind of story.
You too should read it. Some may think its KORNI but I really don't care. 
This is the site: 

Waaa! I don't want to be a SPOILER, but HYSTG should write more about Eya and Cross. Bitin kase. Hmmp!

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Korean Outfits - 2ne1

K-POP influenced us a lot. We memorized all the lyrics of every songs even though we don't understand it's meanings. 

When I watch Korean Music Videos on youtube, especially 2ne1, what I observed the most is their fashion statements. Imagining if someday I could wear some during events, yes I know, SOMEDAY! :)

Here are some of the outfits I must/want to have.

Seeing those pictures. Waaaa! I wanna be as fashionable as them.
I know, SOMEDAY! :]

Photos grabbed from Google search.

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Friday, 24 August 2012

Change Outfits like an Artist

Wore during EXECOM's Educational Tour. August 20, 2012
First outfit: (Afternoon)Gray dress with stripes and so many RIBBOOOONS! My fave outfit at the moment.
Second outfit: (Morning) Colorful top and Skirty skirt. Haha.

Don't have time to explain every details. I'm so tamaaaad. 
Photos c/o Jane Ramos and Ma. Luiza Ordono :)
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BRAAAAAAAAAACES! After 100 years. Yes! I already have dental braces. Teheeeeeee!
So happy with the colors. I have the very kikay dentist ever. Just like me. Oyes!
At first, it was really painful and as the time goes by I enjoyed it ( what? )
That's it. Dream come true.

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Last August 20, 2012.
My dear co-execom decided to have an educational field trip (educational daw? Hahaha) within Metro Manila. The trip was for the PROMOTIONAL VIDEO for our Vietnam Convention. 


 Quezon City Circle
University of Sto. Tomas
Fort Santiago etc.
Luneta Park/Rizal Park
Department of Tourism
Mall of Asia


 Jaki, Iris, Marga, Luiza, Kayen, and Pam and ME!
 Manila Cathedral with Maria Luiza

 Rizal Park with ICECREAM <3
 Jaki, Mara (Me) and Gemrich :)

It was all fun and poses (picture piktyur). Next stop: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam :)

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