Saturday, 25 August 2012

I am such a FAN!

This past few weeks I've been addicted to reading, not that fiction and so english books/ e-books, but those that can be seen online and in Filipino/Tagalog (Till now I still don't know the difference between dialect and language. Hahaha.) I discover about it because some of my batchmates, Cherry Cepe & Arianne Lolong, posted something about it on twitter that made me wonder whats the story is about. Then Cherry, send the ebook to me via mail. Then and there it started, addiction to the max. The story was done in comedy/romantic way. I admire the author a lot for having that different kind of imagination. I wondered where she got the inspiration to do that kind of story.
You too should read it. Some may think its KORNI but I really don't care. 
This is the site: 

Waaa! I don't want to be a SPOILER, but HYSTG should write more about Eya and Cross. Bitin kase. Hmmp!

★ ☆ ✰

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