Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Forever18 :)

Kung may Forever21. May forever 18. =))) Kidding aside.
 March 19 - My Day.
Di natuloy yung pasok kasi hindi na tuloy yung Finals sa Logic. Thank God! (Sobrang hirap kaya nun.)

I celebrated the day with my DADDY (my boyfriend). All the day we we're together.
That day I suppose to make "LIBRE" my bestfriend (DOHAKAMAJOMAEU) but because we don't have classes anymore, the libre-thing was cancelled.

We went to Trinoma. Eat. Play. Eat. Eat. Eat. Eaaaaat! :)))
It was all fun. The day was full of laughter and love.

Most of all. The best gift I've received was from him. It was the posted video of him singing 'Happy Birthday' with comedy features. Haha. He also gave me a beautiful gift with a beautiful box designed by him.

All in all my birthday would not be completed without him. He is all I am.
It was really a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me.

There's more!!!
We just had a family dinner that day. One in a lifetime nalang yun.
And I received 100++ greetings in facebook. Excluded of text greetings. Those greeting made me feel special. :) Thank youuuuu! :* :'>

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