Saturday, 3 August 2013


That's the first word that came to my mind when I finally saw the venue.

Not only that! The food, the chairs, the cotton candy and the drinks are all PINK!
This is heaven for me. Nyehehehe.

Thanks Tous Les Jous for the macarons and sweet delights. And oh, the pink cola.
Noticed a cute pink street lamp on the side. Clap clap to the venue designer!
On the middle was the pink cola from Tous Les Jous.
On the other side, the pink car named ETUDE (guessing). Hahaha.

The Giyomi booth and the Photo booth.
This is the line for the make-up booth. We've waited for almost one hour just for the make-over but it was worth it! Look at the result 

While hopping to every booth, Etude House make sure that we can still enjoy the program.
Colleen Garcia, Miles Ocampo, Paul Salas, Neil Coleta, Ella Cruz, Diego Loyzaga and Dominic Roque visited. Carla Humphries as the event's host. 
Bianca Valerio gave a talk about her make-up tips and Mr. Ryuji Shiomitsu for fashion-tips.

There are also performances from Shiners and a girl group (sorry I really don't know their name).

Buddies! Kate and Kathlea! <3

Etude House gave a little small crown/tiara to every girl in the event. They really made us feel like a princess!

Thank you Etude House for the experience! And thanks for the freebies. Hihi. :)


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