Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bonjour Baguio

Shoes - Keds         Blouse - Somewhere here in our place      Pants - Landmark, Trinoma
Necklace - Girlshoppe

This is what I wore during our trip to Baguio
. La Trinidad, Benguet is the place where I grew up, the province of my mother. After graduation, we decided to go there for a weekend vacation and also, to celebrate my graduation. 
Oh, how I missed the weather! Coldness with nanginginig na bibig, amazing feeling!

Greens everywhere! 
Some of the places in this province is just like how Manila now, but in our place it is VERY different.
You will experience walking up the mountain and walking through the forest with several houses. I think there are only 6-7 houses up in our place including our house.

Going down, to buy some ingredients for my grad party (the store is really far from our house, it either you go up the mountain or you go down, we are in the middle of the mountain kase) with my boyfriend (mehehehe) this are what my eyes captured.

Pine trees, hiding mushrooms, flowers, moisten grasses... STRESS RELIEVER!

Thanks to my SUPER TIBAY sandals for not giving up! Hahahaha!

 At Burnham Park. I never experienced to have a boat ride here, I'M AFRAAAAAID! Hahaha. No kidding, never ever! 
 Find the Bee!

 Strawberry Farm. It rained, no strawberry picking. :((((

There's a rainbow always after the rain. Oh! They're twins!


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