Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Garnier Campus Challenge: Results Night

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines is one of the lucky university that has been chosen by the Garnier team to join their Garnier Campus Challenge together with other big universities all over the country. The challenge is to organize an event that will promote beauty and wellness as well as taking care of the world. And with all efforts and prayers, we had a successful event entitled:
 Its Our Turn To Shine: A Convention for Young Women.
Night of October 18, 2012.  The.. tendenenenenenen: RESULTS NIGHT!!

Me and my co-EXECOMS decided to go to the venue, Enderun, The Fort, together using a van. While at the vehicle, on our way to the venue, we were very nervous for we really need to win because we still have unsettled accounts because of unfortunate happenings during our preparation for our convention, "Its Our Turn To Shine". 

 This is the video presentation made by Garnier Team during our convention at PUP Main.

My outfit for the night. 
Photo taken by Jac P. (Visit her site

Then we arrived at the venue... late. Hahaha. But the program did not start yet.. Actually, it started when we already settled ourselves to our tables. Georgina Wilson talked a lot about PUP during the program, she also said that PUP won in her heart. I am very touched about what she said and that gave us hope that we will gonna win. But unfortunately, we didn't get the grand prize which is 100 thousand pesos.. but! we won a special award which is the "Creative Treatment Award. 
And because of what happened, we decided not to go home yet for we still need to talk about the problem of the "unsettled accounts".  

 Awesome, Georgina Wilson.
Feeling winner. Hahaha.While they are awarding University of Mindanao as the Grand Winner.

We all decided to go somewhere so that we could take away the sadness we felt for not winning. 

 At Eastwood Mall.
 Anonas Babes <3

 Need to have some coffee to warm our hearts. Hahahaha. Warm? Ice cold coffee?

Deep in our hearts I know we deserve to win! But God has His own reasons why we did't, maybe because they need it more than us. 

Thanks to Luiza O. for the photos. 

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