Monday, 29 October 2012

Vietnam, my first.

As the title says it is my first time to be out of the country. Last Sept. 18-23, we, together with my fellow batchmates went to Vietnam to have our convention which we organize together with Saigon Hospitality College, the school which we tied up for the exchange of Filipino and Vietnamese Culture, Education and Tourism. I promised to myself not to blog about this until such day that I already saw my grade in MICE (Conventions and Events Management) for I will be more happy to blog knowing that I got a good grade and all my efforts in organizing the convention is worth it! And this is the day, I got a very good grade! Wohooo!!! Thanks to Prof. Yolanda Montances. =)))

And here we go.. At the airport..

 I wear my favorite indigo skirt (which I bought for our Garnier shoot) and our official back-statement-shirt that says.. PUP GOES TO VIETNAM.
Photo taken as a sample for roomie's (Luiza O.) outfit shot. I was the one who took her pictures and for me to know what to do she took this first as a sample. Hahaha. And, ofcourse I'm gonna use it na din, sayang naman. Hahaha. 
 Meet roomie! I call her roomie because.. (watch out for my next blog to know why. Hihihi.)
 First batch. Yes, we are just less than 20. First batch is mostly execoms, we went to Vietnam earlier than the other organizers for we have a very special task to do (utos ni Big Brother. Hahaha) 
My first time to fly internationally. Yep yep!

Watch out for my next blogs! 

Photos grabbed from Luiza O. Thanks roomie! :) Visit her blog :)

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