Monday, 29 October 2012

Vietnam: Day 1.

September 19, 2012.
This is our first day. I woke up not so early cause we don't have call time yet, we just woke-up the time we want. This is our very free day, we can go anywhere we want. This is the day I enjoyed the most for there are no pressure yet. I woke up in the morning and went down for breakfast (I dont even wash my face that time yet. Hahaha.) To my surprise, as I saw the street outside/infront of the hotel, there were so many motors. As in super dami!!!! More than hundred (I'm not being OA, promise, madami talaga!)
After breakfast, I went out together with some friends to take some pictures (ng hindi pa naghihilamos at nagaayos).

With Lezil Gaduyon and Roomie (Look, terno kami o! )
Look at the background, motors all around the street. 
One of the hotel staffs. He was very shy when we took pictures with him and some of his co-staff are laughing at him, we don't understand what they are talking about but as we can interpret, they are teasing Mr. Hotel Staff. :)

We roam around the hotel in the morning and after that me and my co-execoms prepared for our meeting to the officials of STHC. Advance Party: Me, Athina, Marga, Jeryll and Reven went to the school as we need to have some talk and arrangements for the convention. My task is to hand to them the certificates that are needed to be signed by what they call "Principal". 

 I am very touched on how they welcome us. See, they even have this LED chuchu to welcome us. Its like we were.. "Awwwww! Nakakatouch naman."

After the meeting we went to have a mini city tour for we have our rented car. Sorry I can't post pictures yet. Hahaha. I don't have my camera kasi that time.

After that.. We went back to hotel then...Yeeeep yeeeep! Its shopping time!!!
We were "one hour billionaire". Sobraaang yaman namin, we have 2 million in exchange for 100 dollar.

 See. We are already holding big garbage bags for we bought so maaaany! This is why I wanna go back to Vietnam, I still want to buy more bags and accessories. 

Pictures grabbed from friends.

Next blog: Day 2 :)

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