Saturday, 23 February 2013


Saturday is our day. He ususlly went to our house for:
  1. Him to use our wi-fi. Nakikiwi-fi lang pala. Hahaha.
  2. Him to eat lunch, meryenda and dinner. Nakiki-kain lang pala. 
  3. Him to sleep. Nakikitulog lang pala. 
  4. Him to rest. Nakiki-pahinga lang pala.

But today, he dont have the chance to do those things cause he helped me to clean my room and with all of my kalat, he didn't have the time to rest and surf the net (medyo lang, kasi ginugulo ko siya! Bwahaha.)

But of course, I managed to make time for our bonding and resting. 

Looking forward for more saturdates at home. :)

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