Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Living in Metro Manila area and you want vintage, indigenous stuffs in your home or maybe as a gift? No need to go to Ilocos or Cebu or any provinces in the Philippines just to buy those. You're lucky enough if you're near or living in Quezon City. Dapitan Arcade is just a ride away! That, I don't know before. HAHAHA! But a-a!! I got the chance to go there na! I will surely go back and make some shopping galore. :)

Take a look to some of their products..
Picture to the Right - I really want that bell!! Unfortunately, I didn't bring my wallet during this time. A big regret!!!!!

Vintage drawers                                                  The Ballerina

  Nine West Bags, fyi those are not fake bags.      Water Fountain and Mirror, two-in-one.

Sorry for the notebook on my armpit. Hahahaha. Need to take notes kasi, this visit is still part of my job. 

What can you say? Amazing stuffs right?
You can get those at very affordable prices!
Come and have a visit and don't forget to bring your wallets (with money inside of course)! Hahahaha.


Dapitan Arcade is located at Kanlaon Ave, Quezon City.


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