Friday, 12 July 2013


TGIF! Plus, one of my workmates/friend is celebrating her birthday today. Actually this post is all about her birthday celebration. But let's start with my outfit first.
So, because it's FRIDAY, I decided to wear something light and neutral.

 Bag from Ayla. Got this for only P500.00, sale sa SM eh. :)

Necklace from Girlshoppe - - Blouse from Landmark, TriNoma
Ribbon made by Ralph. Thanks Girlie, it's perfect!

          HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHLE!!!!            

Lets proceed with Kath's birthday surprise celebration.. So I make kwento first, this morning, we were very busy with office works, I received a call from our boss, at first I thought its really something very confidential but then I was surprised to know that she's throwing a birthday surprise for my colleague, Kathlea, to my surprise I silently made my kilig voice (buti di narinig ni Kath). We planned everything on that phone call. It was us, Kathlea and me, were the only people that should be left in the office, the scenario was like this, the 3 events officers will go out first for a certain task somewhere in Tomas Morato then we will follow cause were going to pick up something in a restaurant. (Some of the details are confidential that's why I can't be specific..)

Then the plan goes well... Me and Kath went to Bagoong Club Resto for work (kunwari).

Kathlea, not knowing anything, was really surprised when she saw Kate, Jai and Ralph with our boss, Ma'am Tetta inside the restaurant. She was totally shocked, as in "loading/buffering" for almost 3 seconds I think. Until Ma'am Tetta shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATH!", natauhan na siya
Funny, when we were already sitting but she stayed speechless, everybody was talking but not her. HAHA! 

Hi, Kathlea! I know you are a very PRIVATE PERSON, but sorry, you have a makulit friend. :P
This was her very first picture after the buffering stage! Hahahaha. 


Bagoong Club's yummy main dishes. 

Desserts! <3

(from left to right) Kate, Me, Kath, Ralph and Jai. 

I may not be allowed to put Ma'am's picture here but I wanna thank her for being this generous to us and for Kath's day. 


Bagoong Club Resto is located at 
Sacred Heart, Quezon CityT: (02) 929-0544
Yey! Jampacked Friday!TGIF! 
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  1. Hahahah! as in OMG my pic there ha! :DDD Thank you Marae for blogging this special day of mine. <3
    - kathleleleya