Wednesday, 23 January 2013

#23 - 20 facts about you.

20 Facts about me? Oh, no! 20? I'll try...

1. I'm small. Really, compared to others with my age, I am really small. I think I'm just 5'1 or 5'2. 
Do you know that one of the requirements of tourism management course is the height? You must be at least 5'3. Oh well, my intelligence helped me. (What?) :D

2. I love Pink! Isn't it obvious?

3. I am paranoid. Yes,  most of the time! But I always keep it just to myself.

4. I enjoy watching love stories. Movies, telenovelas, koreanovelas... 

5.(from number 4, cont... :D )I don't want action movies. Yeah, its so boring for me. Like I don't feel anything when watching such movies. I am so lucky that my boyfriend constantly watch action movies! ughh! So luckyyyy! Hahaha.

*I am just in number 6 and as of the moment, I am already thinking for almost a minute. I really don't know myself! Hahahaha. 

6. I hate vegetables. Seriously, since then I am not eating vegetables that's why during my Vietnam Tour, I was always hungry. :D

7. I collects colorful accessories. I am so attracted with colors! I also have colorful bags and blouses. Colors makes my day joyful!

8. I want all my things to have a touch of pink. As you can see, I love pink. So if I would buy something for myself I make sure it has color pink even if its just a dot or a line.

9. I still sang the alphabet from letter A when I need to alphabetized words/names. Funny, right? 

10. I am in love with my dogs! I care for them as if they're my children. I buy foods for them, I cook for them, I buy them pasalubong. They are part of our family.

*Hooo. Halfway!

11. I want to be a fashion designer. Dreams! Someday. :">

12. I can cook chicken and pork adobo. Achievement na yan sakin! 

13. I love number 13. <3

14. When I was a little, my first dream is to be a teacher. Maybe because my mother was a teacher.

15. I was bald when I was a little. Hahahaha. This is the reason why most of my relatives in Baguio teases me when they saw me with my long hair na. They were like " O? May buhok ka na?" Nyahahahaha.

16. I permanently curl my hair when my graduation is near na. Like when I was in elementary, I permanently curled (Salon made of course, I can't with just myself) my hair the morning of our graduation day. When I was in highschool, I curled it a few days before graduation. This time, I am still thinking about it. 

17. I will finish my studies this year. My graduation ceremony is on May 10, 2013. 

18. I am so maldita. My friends know it. I am not hiding it from them but maldita in a way na di naman masyadong mean. Ah, basta, its hard to explain e.

19. I am in a relationship with John Paulo Dimapilis for almost 3 years.

20. The Lord God, rules my life! 

Marae :)


  1. Two thumbs up for #20 :))

  2. Hahahaha. Alam mo yan Kath! Thank youuuu. :)