Tuesday, 1 January 2013

QCTC Christmas Party

Sorry if this is late. Hihihi. <3

Last December 7, 2012, the Quezon City Tourism Council celebrated their first ever Christmas Party at Nomama Artisinal Ramen Restaurant in Tomas Morato. Luckily, I was having my practicum on a events agency and we were the one who organized the event. Also because my boss is the chairman of the said council. I've been tasked to invite the VIP's which were the bosses of different companies in Quezon City like hotels, restaurants and travel agencies. At first, I felt so very nervous thinking that I will be talking to those kind of people but later on I discovered that most of them are very down to earth people (maybe that's why they are on top of their career).

Then the on the day of the party I finally met them. I've been tasked to take pictures of the event that's why I got the chance to approach most of the VIPs to take their pictures. I also met the owners of Flip Bistro (restaurant beside Nomama) for they will be receiving their award for winning last QCNA event, and I really find them cute together (sorry I am not allowed to post pictures kasi e). I asked one of my co-employee, Kath, if they were together but she said they were just close friends then one day our boss discovered that they have relationship pala. And that made me a fan of them, they already have their own restaurants and they were working together na. Wooo! I so inggit. Moving on... The food they served was great! Especially the sour taste chicken form Flip Bistro and the brownies of Nomama. Hihihihi. <3

There were raffles and the prices were like 5000/3000 worth of gift checks!! Sadly, we are not part of the raffle. Huhuhuhu. The event went smoothly... After the party we still stayed at the restaurant for my boss and her friends have some drinks pa. And sabi pala ng boss ko saming employees "Who wants some beers?"
I immediately shook my head and my boss was like "Hooo. Si Mara, tambay ka sa PUP e." Oha, HAHAHAHAHA! But honestly, hmmmm... I wasn't drinking any beers. (weh?)

So here are our photos. (Eto lang ang allowed i-post e)

Photos owned by: STRAM INC.

Marae :)

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