Tuesday, 8 January 2013


January 8, 2012.

I decided to go to my boyfriends OJT that night. Walking from the office where I am having my OJT to his is  just 30 mins walk for me but for him its just 15 mins. Yeah, its not coincidence, he really applied on hotels near from the company that I was hired for OJT.

That night, walking in the overpass in Quezon Avenue, I was hesitating to go for I was afraid walking alone in the streets. But maybe because it is near ABS CBN Bldg. or the ELJ building, or maybe because bars are all over the place, there are many people walking down the street so I continued walking. I passed by to Pinoy Big Brother house which made me feel happy ( I really don't know why maybe because its my dream to stay there too. I am proud, its my dream.) then I went to McDonalds to buy some pasalubong him.
I just bought two burgers and one float just enough for my money in my coin purse (another secret, not secret na pala, my bag was so magulo and if I will get my money pa from my wallet, it will take 10 mins or more for me to find it. hahahaha. That is my not so girly secret. Not secret anymore pala).Anyways, then there I enjoyed walking on the way to his hotel cause I saw many famous establishments (famous, for me) like the Rembrandt hotel and the likes.

In front of the hotel was 7/11 where I stayed waiting for him. I actually was standing outside the store but there was this scary dirty boy there who looks to me like he was going to get my phone and the foods so I decided to go inside the store. I t was actually embarrassing to stay inside and not buying anything but what can I do, I'm afraid of that scary boy outside. Hahaha.

After 10 mins., ze boyfriend came. I immediately push him outside the store to eat somewhere, he told me that we can stay inside but I declined. So we decided to stay in the open parking lot outside where we can see view of their hotel and the people walking the street.

He told me that he just ran away from his job inside but its okay cause their boss was like their barkada daw. Then we saw his so called "tropa", his friends from hotel who were also having OJT in Imperial Palace, but I was hesitant to talk to them thats why I asked him to hide from them. We make kwentuhan na then suddenly two of his tropa came behind us, they were teasing him and I was like so shy to face them so I turned back from them but one of them was making kulit to see my face thats why I hug my boyfriend so that I can hide my face. And my boyfriend was like, "Hoy! Nahihiya nga e. Loko to!" saying to that loko lokong friend niya. Then he really make kulit but the other friend said that they should go na nga cause me and my boyfriend was eating daw. My boyfriend was really laughing at me asking me why I'm so shy daw. I was like "E, ayoko nga e!" After some time I decided to go home na din kasi its already passed 8 na and he need to go back to the hotel na din. He accompanied me to Mcdo and we say goodbye there.

As I was walking going home, I was asking myself why did I do those? Why did I hide from them? Its not the first time that my boyfriend introduced me to his friends. But till now, I am asking myself why. Kinda weird, no, its really weird no. Hahahahaha.

Now, I am practicing myself what to do next time I will saw them. Lol.

Marae :)

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