Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year = More of God

I have been hearing news about the actors/actresses about their what-so-called NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION on the television that made me think of my own resolution too.

My New Years Resolution 101:

1. Stop being PARANOID
            Last 2012, I was very very paranoid. When this thing happened I immediately thought of something bad and it didn't gave me anything good in life. So this year, I lift up everything to God and I know everything will be alright.

2. Be Optimistic
           As contrary number 1, I promised to be more positive this year. I have been positive thinking last November and December and it made me live my life more happier so I am continuing it this 2013.

3. Be more closer to God
           Of course, to make everything possible, I will know more about Him. Yes, I've known Him for years but reading the sacred bible will help me to be more closer and  know Him more. And I know, good things will happen next...

So help me God.. :)

Marae :)

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